MP2 Anesthesia Practice Management, Development & Consulting

Today, there are few facilities or anesthesia practices that have avoided the challenges, impact, and effects of the evolving anesthesia marketplace. MP2 has learned that the practice of anesthesia is not the business of anesthesia – there's a distinct difference. Groups fail more often from poorly executed business practices than poor quality anesthesia.
MP2 is matching its depth of experience – over 150 years of combined expertise and experience, knowledge, and ability to implement realistic solutions including clear lines of authority, strong, clinically active anesthesia leadership, providing a high level of business leadership skills and open communication.
We have learned that anesthesia is about the four A's:
• Affability
• Availability
• Ability
• Accountability
Without these characteristics, an anesthesia service will struggle and not reach its potential. And there is a fifth "A" that is just as important as the other four:
• Affordability
What does this mean for you? You will have access to the expertise and experience that has been accumulated over the years in all types of practices across the United States.

A partial list of expert services available:
• Anesthesia Practice Management
• Anesthesia Department & Operating Room Analysis
• Mediation Services and Contract Negotiations
• Conflict Resolution
• Internal Practice Relations
• Practice and Hospital Relations
• Anesthesia Practice Consulting
• Recruiting and Retention Programs
• Physicians & CRNAs
• Anesthesia Billing
• Collection Analysis
• Compliance Audits

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